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100 Year old French cyclist sets Record

Robert Marchand set a record becoming the fastest cyclist of his age shortly before his 101st birthday in November 2012.

Monsieur Marchand took part in a race that covered 100 km at the velodrome in Lyon, south eastern France. He told reporters that he was pleased with his performance and put his amazing health properties down to having never smoked – and having a healthy appetite for wine and women!

Born 26 November 1911 in Amiens, Picardy, he has been a gardener, shoe salesman, fireman and much else and now lives in Paris. Monsieur Marchand bought his first bike in 1978 at the age of 67 and has already set one record this year at the World Cycling Centre of Aigle in Switzerland. He set the one hour record in track cycling for the category of Masters of more than 100 years, specially created for him by the International Cycling Union. For this latest race he trained daily for several months before the event which took place last week.

Monsieur Marchand weighs 51kg and looks as fit as a fiddle, a fact that has intrigued scientists who have been watching his training schedule in an effort to find out what gives him the edge.

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