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3 top reasons to visit France on a school trip

Children stand before a monument in France on a school trip

More than 80 million visitors from across the globe flocked to France in the last one year alone. France has continued to be a global tourist hot spot since 2013, with the local authorities hoping to attract as many as 100 million visitors per year by the end of 2020. So what makes France an ideal tourist destination for students, families and lovers alike?

The City of Lights

It goes without saying that Paris, France’s capital is a major draw for visitors from different countries in the world. The city has continued to attract more than 30 million visitors per year, a number that is unmatched by any other city in the world. But what makes the city so popular with its visitors? The iconic Eiffel Tower, stunning architecture, and the city’s romantic image may have something to do with its popularity. Visitors have continued to flock here for many years from all over the world. Many return year after year, and if recent statistics are any indication, the city is not about to lose its appeal to tourists and students on school trips to France.

A Variety of Mountains, Sun, and Sea

Some French nationals choose to shun international destinations opting to instead travel within their own country during their summer holidays. But why is this the case? Well, as many will eagerly tell you, it is because their country has everything – from vast countryside expanses to snow-covered hilltops and sandy beaches. Tour operators in the UK have come to realize that the different regions in France can have vastly different landscapes. There are great cities like Marseille, Lyon, Paris, as well as great rolling countryside. In short, France has something for everyone. Great countryside, gorgeous chateaux, brilliant beaches and famous monuments galore. The weather is also a major factor as to why many visitors like to tour France. While summers tend to be hot, they’re not as overwhelmingly hot as other European countries such as Italy or Spain, for instance.

Strategic Location

Part of France’s charm is wholeheartedly down to the luck of its geographic location. For instance, UK students looking to escape unreliable summers and learn about history, culture, and practice their French language skills can easily make the journey to France. It is estimated that more than 12 million adults and students made this journey across the Channel each year…

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