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5 fantastic things to do in Nice France


From morning to night in this lovely lively city, here are 5 things you shouldn’t miss to make the most of your time in Nice whether it’s for a day or longer…

1. Lie in the sun

Nice is one of the sunniest cities in France. There’s a long, long beach and if you don’t mind stones, you’ll love it. Of course you can always hire a beach bed and really relax.

Or… take the 1.50 euros bus to Villefranche-sur Mer-where the locals go for the silky sandy beach. You can also take a train from Nice station which is quicker than the bus.

2. Wander in the old town


There’s plenty to fall in love with in the Old Town from colourful squares with pastel coloured buildings and gorgeous shutters, to quirky shops and hundreds of bars. This is a place to wander and be wowed by the sights. The labyrinthine nature of the streets mean you’ll be able to find some shade when the going gets hot or – better still, find a comfy chair in a charming café in a shady square and simply chill.

3. Take time out for culture

There are plenty of museums here but one of the finest – and most difficult to find – is the Palais Lascaris.


4. Lunch on the beach

Go where the locals go to buy your picnic food rather than at Cours Saleya market which is lovely but touristy.  Get your baguette at Temple des pains (1 rue Louis Gassin) or try a local speciality – socca, a chick pea pancake, eat it fresh cooked and piping hot!

Get some fresh goats cheese (cows cheese is not made here, it’s too hot for cows) or some charcuterie. Take your empty water bottle to Caves Caprioglio (16 Rue de la Préfecture) where the locals buy their wine. Hand it to the cashier and ask for the wine you want: red, white or rose and he’ll fill the bottle from the giant barrels in the shop for a couple of Euros!

5. Enjoy happy hour in the old town


Start at Lou Pastrouil (12 Rue du Marché) for a Prosseco which is popular here as you’re so close to the Italian border. Many of the bars in the old town do tapas with drinks including Wayne’s Bar (15 Rue de la Préfecture) which is THE place to go late night for drinks and dancing for people of all ages.

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