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A Day at Chateau de Fontainbleau Book Review

A Day at Chateau de Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau was the home to royalty for several centuries and as such, was shaped by many of them. Napoleon called it “the true residence of Kings” and preferred it to Versailles.

day-at-the-chateau-de-fontainbleau-bookA Day at Chateau de Fontainbleau is a beautifully illustrated book about the exceptionally well-preserved Chateau near Paris. It brings to life the history of this enormous castle with stories and anecdotes from its past beginning in the 12th century right through to the 20th century when American financier and philanthropist John D Rockefeller visited and helped restore Fontainbleau to its glorious looks.

Fontainbleau was one of the few royal residences left intact during the French Revolution and offers unparalleled access to French history, art, and architecture. From François I to Napoleon, and from Marie Antoinette to Joséphine, the book sweeps the reader back in time to experience the traditions and customs of great figures throughout the history of France.

Comprised of more than 1,500 rooms on 130 acres of parkland and gardens, and situated thirty-seven miles south of Paris, Fontainebleau welcomes more than 500,000 visitors a year. This book features superb images illustrating the artisanal decorative details of the château and the spectacular works of art still housed within; it includes exclusive access to archival documents and numerous rooms and galleries that are not open to the public.


Imbued with over eight centuries of history, Fontainebleau offers unique historical insight into the lives of over thirty-four French sovereigns who inhabited and enhanced this great architectural monument. From hunting excursions to the grand parties and spectacles that took place at Fontainebleau, this book is a private invitation inside a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of France’s most beautiful historical monuments.

If you’ve never been there, you’ll feel like you know the chateau from this book, and if you have been there, the book will transport you straight back in your mind…

A Day at Chateau de Fontainbleau words by Guillame Picon, Photography by Eric Sander  is published by Flammarion.

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