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A French village full of cooks


I hope that you and yours are well.

First – I want to thank everyone who has read the relaunched The Good Life France Magazine and shared it. Seriously thank you so much, I’ve been amazed that more than a quarter of a million people have now read it. If you missed it, it’s free to read and share (and subscribe to which you can do here).

Second, I’m sorry I missed sending last week’s newsletter – I had the dreaded lurgy as we say in the UK when we get a flu like illness that everyone seems to be getting. I must tell you that chickens do not make good nurses. They have zero sympathy when the maid is not feeling well. The maid also passed the lurgy onto her husband and he did not appreciate it either.

A village of cooks

Thankfully Bread Man left loaves of bread, delicious croissants and scrumptious cakes in a bag tied to our front gate. And Claudette cooked us a traditional northern French stew. Beef cooked in beer with brown sugar and topped with gingerbread slathered with mustard. Jean-Claude, her son-in-law delivered it in a bowl to the front door and backed away cautiously. He didn’t want to catch the lurgy. Thierry the farmer (he who crashed his tractor into our woodshed a little while back) left us a bottle of wine. Madame Bernadette baked a cupcakes laced with Calvados and Constance, who is probably the best cook in the village, made up a pot of garlic soup that had so many cloves in that it appeared to scare the lurgy germs off (it would certainly defeat a legion of vampires).

I am glad to say I’m better now. Back to my normal bouncy self. And about to head off to Paris so hopefully the sun will come out next week when I’m there. Come with me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing photos!

Bisous from a woman who had the lurgy and miraculously managed not to lose a single bit of weight…


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