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A-Z of Paris podcast

Welcome to The Good Life France Podcast. In this episode – we’re going to share the A to Z of Paris!

From arrondissements, the municipal districts of the city laid out in the shape of a snail, to the second oldest zoological garden in the world, started when the animals of the royal family were abandoned at Versailles during the French Revolution. Find out about a hidden message in the ceiling of the Opera Garnier and a centuries old flower market in the shadow of the great Gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame, plus a little chapel that is even older than Notre Dame which, when you visit is like standing in a jewel box.

We share our insider guide tips and know-how to reveal the best of Paris from A-Z – whether it’s your first visit or you’ve had the pleasure many times.

Plus a listener asks – is it true all Parisians are rude?!

Brit Janine Marsh author of three international best-selling books about life in France and Frenchman Olivier Jauffrit of radio Paris Chanson share everything France and more through this podcast…

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