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Animal madness!

Belle, Rapunzel and Dicky the barbary ducklings
Belle, Rapunzel and Dicky the barbary ducklings

Bonjour tout le monde!

Well we’ve gone quackers lately here at The Good Life France blog offices!  I really really meant what I said about no more baby animals that needed looking after.  The episode with the baby chickens which turned into the smelliest birds in the world put me off and with Fred and Flo the geese expecting their first progeny, twenty chickens, three cats, three stray cats who come round for food every day and three dogs to look after I’m already fairly busy.  Add to that the renovation on the house which is now back in full swing as the Other Half is not working on anything big right now – and my blogging work and I know it made sense to call it a day where more baby animals are concerned.

But… when I went to the local garden centre and they had the last of the Babary ducklings left in a cage I just couldn’t say “non” so:

Welcome to Belle, Rapunzel and Dicky ducks!

Check out my blog for more updates on life in France, my animals, my house, the people I meet and the places I go to – I write something pretty much every day; I also post on Facebook every day and I tweet though not as sweetly as these three!

There’s loads of information on the website to help you choose where to go on holiday, great recipes which are tried and tested (except beer soup – haven’t got round to that one yet but its authentic!), useful stuff about living in France and the language and loads more and we’re growing day by day.

We absolutely welcome your comments and suggestions so feel free to contact me via the website contact form any time.

Next week I’ll be telling you about my trip to Disneyland Paris.  I’ll wax lyrical about my fantastic day out in Calais when the sun shone and I toured the Opal coast and saw so much I was totally bowled over by what a beautiful part of France it is and how much there is to see and do – all good research for my upcoming free guide to Calais.  There will be a snippet of news every day, a blog update every day and lots more info being posted so do please check in and keep in touch – and of course share me with everyone you know!

A bientôt



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