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ATM machines and cash dispensers in France

ATMs are plentiful in France where they are known as DABs or distributeur automatique de billet.

Do be careful though that if you are staying in a small village or rural area an ATM machine may not be that close to hand. Make sure that you know the limit for cash withdrawals from your account so you don’t get caught out if you need more money.

The ATM machines in France are much the same as anywhere else – fortunately for English language speakers most of them offer an English language option for transactions.

You can use your French card or non-French card in the ATMs – your bank may charge you for this service.

Important: You will need a 4 digit pin to withdraw cash so if your home country card has more numbers (or letters) you’ll need to sort this out with your bank before you use your card. If you get your pass code wrong 3 times – the machine will swallow your card.

Withdrawals from an ATM will be shown on your French Bank Statement as “Retraite” (See French bank statements explained).

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