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Authentic French Pancake Recipe


Authentic French pancake recipe with honey beer from the 7 Valleys) – Des crêpes a la Cervoise unique biere au miel du pays des 7 Vallées. This recipe was given to us by the Musée de l’Abeille in Bouin Plumoison, Pas-de-Calais.

It’s a fabulous bee museum and shop which sells all things honey and bee keeping and for more on this  see our honey and bee blog.

The lovely French recipe for pancakes is simple and delicious and if you can’t get your hands on Monsieur Therry’s wonderful honey beer don’t worry – any beer or pale ale will work.

Ingredients for 10 pancakes

150g plain flour (all purpose flour)
15g sugar
2 eggs
200ml Milk
200ml Cervoise (honey beer) or beer/pale ale
Pinch of salt
Couple of drops of vanilla


1. Mix all the ingredients together to a smooth consistency
2. Heat a little oil/butter in a frying pan
3. Ladle some of the mixture to cover the bottom of the pan (should be sufficient for 10 ladles or thereabouts).
4. Fry until browning at the edges and then flip and fry on the otherside! Don’t’ over cook it – it should be soft and fluffy.
Serve the pancakes with honey, sugar, jam, fruit – whatever you like.

Bon appétit!

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