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The French President and the Green Fairy

François Mitterrand was in trouble. Elected president two years earlier, in
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The Mystery of French Washing Machines

My wife and I are traveling around Europe for a while
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10 fabulous things to do in Provence

In an area famous for so many things, like beautiful lavender
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Tips on Travelling in Provence

My wife and I live part of the year in the
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The French origins of canned meat

Author Keith van Sickle says if you want a little French
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Visit Barthelasse Island for a great view of Avignon

Avignon is one of France’s most distinctive cities. Sitting on the
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Mystery of Jean-Paul Marat’s bathing habit…

Jean-Paul Marat was a leader of the French Revolution, along with
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Dining in St-Rémy-de-Provence

Provence is a land of vibrant lavender and sunflower fields, blessed
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10 Famous French Inventions

France has a rich scientific tradition, with greats like Henri Becquerel
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Short history of the Five Republics of France

You may have heard of the “Fifth Republic of France” and
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The Christmas markets of Provence

`Celebrate Christmas in Provence! Vaucluse is world famous for its rolling fields of lavender, impressive mountain ranges and the fine wines produced in lush vineyards,

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