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Back in France newsletter March 2015!

dogs in france

Bonjour to you all!

What a busy week it’s been for me, 4 days in London meeting with PR people and travel operators and French tourist office reps who all meet once a year in the UK. It’s a chance to share news of what’s coming up in France, holidays, tours, events, promotions, hotels and restaurants, travel – everything and anything related to France. What it means is I find out more about France and what there is to see and do so I can tell you.

Being away also means that my six cats, three dogs (that’s them in the photo walking in the little rue de Chapelle) and 43 ducks, geese and chickens don’t see me for a while. Although I get help from my friends and neighbours and of course my other half if he is not away working, they really miss me and go crazy when I come home. As soon as I drive into my little driveway the cats charge up to see me, the dogs start barking and wag their tails so hard they look like canine helicopters. The chickens cluck, the ducks quack and some of them fly out of the pen to come to see me, they thrust their heads back and forth which is a duck greeting thing. Even the geese who are extremely miserable birds on the whole start making a honking noise.

The happiest to see me is I think Hank Marvin – He’s always Starvin. We don’t call him that, it’s a bit of a mouthful, I call him Marvin and the other half calls him Skank Marvin on account of the fact that he is a bit skanky! He was in an awful state when we found him, very unwell, a bit bald as well as blind in one eye and he sneezes a lot. He loves me to bits though and follows me absolutely everywhere I go if he can. He loves playing and chasing the other cats and jumping on them (he’s still a kitten) – he does it to the dogs too. They all get on really well together and it always makes coming home just that little bit extra special when there are 52 animals to greet you!

Wishing you all a very bon weekend, bisous from France

This week’s Top Features:

A quirky Revolution in France: Art therapie has been taking the country by storm as I discovered when I went to my friend’s farm… it makes artists of all of us!

Meet Johanna Basford: The British artist whom the French have fallen in love with. Martha Stewart loves Johanna’s colouring-in books and so do the French, she’s outsold the no. 1 French cookery book and that’s a real coup…

Ile aux Cygnes: The secret man-made island in Paris that’s right under our noses!

National Ferry Fortnight: In the UK its 2 weeks of discount prices and special offers on the ferries – you can save a bundle but hurry it ends soon!

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