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Banking in France | Share Dealing

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In France, you can hold a share dealing account at your bank, with a stockbroker, or on the internet.

The normal safe custody account is called a “Compte Titres”. A share is an “action” and a Government or Corporate Bond is an “obligation”.

Most people deal in shares through a specific form of investment called a “Plan d’Epargne en Actions” or PEA. This account allows you to hold and deal in French and European shares and provides considerable tax advantages ON CONDITION THAT no withdrawals are made for the first five years.

In that case, no tax is payable on dividends nor gains, during the five year period of saving, and the withdrawal of the sum is then free of Capital Gains Tax, with only the inevitable “social taxes” being payable at 15.5% of the total gain.

Withdrawals between 5 and 8 years must be made in one lump and the account closed. However, if the account is not touched for 8 years, it can then be left open and partial withdrawals can be made indefinitely.

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