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Becks bucks blues – why France lost out

News Jan 20 2012: It’s not possible to live in France and be unaware that the phenomenom that is the David Beckham brand is no longer coming to be with us…

For months French newspapers speculated on the anticipated arrival of the heart throb English footballer to play for Paris Saint-Germain. It was the talk du jour in cafés up and down the land, T shirts were printed in his image and some newspapers got a bit carried away and even confirmed the deal was done. Estate agents rubbed their hands in glee in the City of Lights knowing that picky Posh, David’s wife, would only settle for the best – and of course most expensive – real estate that Paris could offer.

Alas, the hopes of many in France were dashed when it was revealed that Becks was is not coming to France as his wife preferred to stay in America. It meant huge potential losses in income for Paris St Germain who had been planning a big PR campaign to trumpet his arrival.

Café talk returned to more mundane matters, AAA rating downgraded (grumble grumble) and a report in Le Figaro that there are believed to be 40m to 42m prostitutes in the world (much lifting of eyebrows).

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