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Bingeworthy French TV Shows to improve your French language skills!

There are times when nothing beats a bit  of guilt-free binge-watching TV. But how about a bit of productive binge-watching – watching great TV while you learn/improve your French – guilt-free pleasures. That’s what you get with the free to watch TV5MONDEPlus French TV station. Great shows, films, documentaries and series from French speaking countries around the world. Watch in French, and pop the English subtitles on or the French subtitles to really improve your French at the same time. Hearing French spoken as it is in real life means you’ll learn to understand and speak it like a French person.

TV5MONDEplus is a free on demand platform, a global video-streaming service to offer a sort of Netflix for Francophiles.

Brilliant films, series, documentaries and more for the whole family

And it’s fun. I mean, who can resist all those fabulous food and cookery shows? There are films and series to suit everyone, historic, romantic, real life, drama, comedy, crime and thriller. There cultural shows, fashion, architecture and design, sports and leisure. If your kids are learning French, they’ll enjoy some of the great series on offer – we love La Cabane aux Oiseaux about a bird that shines because it swallowed a star, enchanting and charming.

There are programmes about great historical figures such as Mollière, the great French playwright.  And if you really want to test your French, try 100 Gènies! A general knowledge show that pits 100 teenagers of outstanding ability against each other…

You’ll find more than 5,000 hours of feature films, television drama series and documentaries. There’s even a choice of podcasts.

Sourced from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and French-speaking Africa, there are subtitles in six languages, including English as well as French. For those wanting to learn to read and speak French this is a really helpful resource. TV5MONDEplus is available globally (except for China, Netherlands).

TV5MONDEPlus is 100% free. The service aims to bring French language programmes and films to a global audience.  And, the platform is perfect for those who want to improve their French and enjoy some great films and shows at the same time.

You can also watch TV5MONDE the streamed live TV channel via the Smart TV app (with catch up) or watch via live-stream here. Free and no subscription required.

Find out more here: tv5mondeplus.com You can create your free account and then download films to watch offline if you prefer, create a favourites list, pickup a programme where you left it and carry on watching, and find a recommendations list based on your watching choices. All for free – learning French was never more fun.

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