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Bon weekend from a mad cat lady in France…

A truly tempting array of cakes, strawberry, apricot and cream, in a boulangerie in France with the words bon weekend from France


Hope you had a great week.

This week chez moi, a new cat moved in. Several months ago, a rather large cat turned up at the back door, alongside a number of waifs and strays which I feed. I can’t take them all in, I’m already enough of a mad cat lady, mad dog lady, mad chicken, duck and geese lady. But I can’t bear to see these poor cats go hungry so I give them food and water and I provide shelters in the garden. The new cat was clearly not like the others, very padded and not feral like the rest of them, we called her Fat Cat. We were sure she had been well looked after but no one in the village knew of her. We assumed one day she’d find her way back home.

This week though she got a cold so I took her to the vets. “She’s not a biter like those other strays you bring in is she?” said the vet eyeing Fat Cat suspiciously. I assured him she’s tame and sweet natured. He gave her medicine and said, “the cat really needs to be kept in doors for a few days to get better quickly and by the way, she is a he”. I heard a sigh. Mark, my other half has been trying to get me to not take more animals on – our dreams of living in Paris are dependent to a large extent on being able to take just a few animals, and I now have more than 60. I am such a sucker for an animal in need.

Meanwhile I am packing to go travelling next week – I’m off to Dijon in Burgundy and Mulhouse and Strasbourg in Alsace, I’ll be posting pics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as I go and I’d love you to join me, if only by social media!

And today, May 4th, is the anniversary of my book being published in 2017. A huge, enormous, massive thank you to all who’ve bought and read My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream – I am incredibly grateful.

Wishing you a very bon weekend
Bisous from France

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