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Bon Weekend from France!

Bon Weekend magazine nov dec 2015


Hope you had a good week.  Most of my life revolves around my animals, renovating my old farmhouse, travelling round France and writing. This week though I’ve had a few strange moments. On Tuesday Brad Pitt applied to join my Google+ community page. Of course it isn’t the real one though he claims to be, but it made me laugh! Then on Thursday I received an email from a lady called Constance who says she is my long lost aunt and wants to leave me a million dollars. All I had to do was send her my bank details (I really hope no one ever falls for these con artists tricks). Well, you don’t need to worry, I won’t ever let my head be turned by money and celebrity – I’ve got too used to being knee high in mud and clearing out chicken poo!

Yesterday was Armistice Day and here in France it’s a serious affair and also a national holiday. As I have done every year since I got my French house, I walked up to the huge church in the village to join my neighbours for a moment of remembrance. I’m guessing there must have been more people here once since it can seat nearly the entire community and then some. The church has only been open once since I’ve been here. We had a fabulous gospel choir visit from the US and they rocked that ancient old building like you wouldn’t believe and had the normally quiet people of Middle-of-Nowhere France dancing in the aisles and singing at the top of their voices.

This time it was a poignant event. In front of the small cenotaph, our Mayor laid a wreath, read out the names of those lost and then we all walked to the town hall for a vin d’honneur, a glass of wine to honour the memories of those lost.

I’ll be flat out this week getting The Good Life France Winter magazine ready to send you and, there are 16 French flavour give aways coming up because it’s the second anniversary of the magazine and nearly Christmas! So, don’t miss out, make sure you subscribe!

Wishing you a bon weekend
Bisous from France

ps Thanks so much to everyone for so many lovely emails in response to last week’s newsletter.

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