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Bon weekend from France where spring is on the way

Colourful awnings at the market in Nice, southern France, surrounded by pastel coloured buildings


Hope you had a great week.

Here, I am plotting and planning. As spring seems to be well and truly on the way, it’s time for me to think about getting on the road and researching places to write about and share with you. About a month from now I’m off to Versailles and Paris followed closely by Ile de Re and La Rochelle.

I haven’t been to Versailles since I was a kid and went on a school exchange trip. I stayed with a lovely if slightly odd family in the suburbs of Paris. At least I thought they were odd then, they used to argue and scream and shout a lot, though the mum in the family assured me that letting it all out is good for your health and relationships. For me, living with my family in a tiny council house in London at the time, where you could hear everything through the thin walls, it seemed very odd, we were used to keeping the noise down!

It was my first trip to France and I fell head over heels for the way of life, drinking coffee from a bowl instead of a cup, croissants for breakfast and going to the boulangerie on a Friday night on the way home from school! I’m as much in love with France as ever, if not more, but Paris holds a very special place in my heart (and I’m still working on a plan to live there, if only for a short while!) …

I always really love to have your recommendations for where to go and what to see based on your experiences, the places you love and think are truly special in France. Feel free to hit reply and let me know!

Actually I asked that question on Facebook this week. I’m planning to write a guide to Paris – the well-known spots you mustn’t miss (especially first timers) plus the secret bits it’s easy to miss if no one tells you about them… I had an absolutely brilliant response so if you’re looking planning a Paris trip, check out the amazing recommendations on my Facebook page (here) and also feel free to add your comments, it’s so inspiring.

Wishing you a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France,

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