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Bon Weekend from France



Here in France the weather has been wonderful this last week, lots of sunshine and warm days. Summer is not quite over yet although la rentrée, the return to normality is in full swing and the summer holidays are at an end and everyone is back at work or school!

I always think this is a great time to take a break in France if you can, less crowds and not too hot! So, I am off to Burgundy next week for a spot of hiking and cycling in the lovely area around Beaune. I love Burgundy for its gorgeous countryside, fabulous wine and wonderful chateaux – plus its one of the most gastronomically delicious areas of France. It’s also the only place where I’ve ever seen snail cake for sale. I have to say, that particular dish is an acquired taste – I haven’t acquired it yet myself!

While I’m gone, I’ve left instructions for Rocky the abandoned duckling to be cuddled several times a day in my absence! If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know I found a just-hatched duckling in my garden. He was at death’s door, freezing cold, pecked by the other birds and lay there barely breathing. I held him for an hour to warm him up and then popped him under a heat lamp. He’s made a miraculous recovery, is a feisty little boy and likes to sit on my lap while I work. There is though a rota for that prime position – each of the six cats requires a daily turn and the three dogs also like to sit close – it’s a wonder I get any work done at all really!

Where ever you are, whatever you have planned, I wish you a very happy, Bon Weekend,

Best wishes and bisous from France

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