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Bon Weekend! Newsletter from France



Can you believe it’s almost May – where has the year gone? My neighbour says that we are in for a good summer in France. He is not a weather forecaster but a keen gardener and like many in rural France he plants according to the Moon’s phases and studies local animal activity. Anyway, according to him – we’re in for a scorcher, a conclusion that has been reached with the help of bats, ants, owls, toads and snails. Before you get too excited I must tell you, he says the same thing every year and he’s right about half the time!

This year I’ve teamed up with one of my neighbours to grow vegetables. I have the greenhouse, she has the green fingers. We’ve got tomatoes and peppers and all sorts coming up strong already, which is quite early. As long as I can keep my 9 (I know, I know, I said no more cats but it’s so hard to turn them away when they’re hungry) cats from laying on the warm seed trays – I think I’ll have a bumper crop!

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With best wishes and hope you have a really bon weekend, bisous from France

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