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Brilliant Immersive online French courses

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There are more than 100,000 member of the French Coffee Break community, and there’s a reason it’s so popular – online immersive experiences to learn French that really work. And they’re fun.

French Coffee Break offers online group lessons and individual lessons, daily posts, a YouTube Channel and everything you need to fully immerse yourself into the French language and give you the tools and the confidence to understand French and to speak it like a French person.

The courses were created by Manon Dewitte, a French native, who while learning English and Portuguese, developed a modern approach to learning with an aim to revolutionise French language teaching. In three years, she has helped thousands of students to become confident and proficient in French.

Group lessons

With French Coffee Break, you’ll learn French in a simple and effective way in small group classes. There are nine levels of lessons. The first level starts with an introduction course for those who have little to no French language experience and want to learn some basic French for everyday life (classified A1.1). Then you go through various levels including B.1 – which is the minimum level you need to attain for French citizenship. The exam to become a French citizen requires you to demonstrate written and oral proficiency in French. Then there are several more levels ending with C1 – you’re totally fluent in written and spoken French at this stage.

French for every level

Whether you want to learn French for fun or for a specific reason, maybe to go on holiday and be able to converse easily or a dream trip to Paris. Maybe you want to be able to book a restaurant or hotel. Or travel independently on public transport and feel confident that you’re going the right way! Or perhaps you’re moving to France and you’ve not spoken French since you were at school and need to brush up.

Every module includes 20 lessons. After signing up, you’ll receive a Zoom invitation and a link to a Google Drive folder. Course content will be shared with you and other participants on Google Drive. Each course is built around the four skills necessary to speak a foreign language: writing, listening, speaking and reading. You have unlimited access to course content. You’ll find a welcoming and encouraging teacher and enthusiastic classmates. Plus you’ll have the chance to practice with others who are also learning French which makes it fun, interesting and authentic.

You’ll learn about French culture, history, gastronomy and traditions whilst learning grammar and vocabulary the way it is really spoken in France.

Get 20% off when you sign up – use the code NEW20 for your first purchase of a group course.

Private lessons

If you want to learn French for a specific requirement, perhaps DELF/DALF preparation or pronunciation lessons. Or perhaps you need to prepare  for moving to France or a job interview. Tailored, individual lessons can really help you to progress quickly. Choose from one to ten lessons working with Manon to create a bespoke approach designed to help you reach your goals. These programs are tailored to your specific needs and at your pace.

Every course has a detailed description so you can tell what level you’re at. Or you can send an email enquiry or book a free 15-minute call with Manon to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about learning with French Coffee Break at: frenchcoffeebreak.com

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