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Cannes Film Festival postponed but TV5MONDE puts on a show

Alas the Covid situation means that the legendary Cannes film festival is postponed (hopefully) until July in 2021…crossing those fingers…

But TV5MONDE – the International French-language TV channel is stepping into the gap with a schedule of Cannes-inspired films and much more to enjoy for free.

TV5MONDE – the live TV channel can be accessed via Amazon Fire / Android / Samsung Smart TVs and more, just look in your TV App store, or for free via the TV5MONDE website or TVPlayer.com AND also you can watch 1000’s of hours of FREE on-demand programmes at your leisure via TV5MONDEPlus.com (a sort of Netflix service).

What’s on TV5MONDE and TV5MONDEPlus.com

Films, old and new, series, live news, cooking shows, documentaries, language shows, kid’s programmes – there’s a huge range to watch on TV5MONDE & even more on TV5MONDEPlus. And almost everything has English subtitles. If you’re a Francophile, learning French or just want a change from the same old same old, then switch on to TV5MONDE and watch and browse the hundreds of programmes available from French-speaking countries around the world.

In the UK and Ireland, you can enjoy both the live channel and TV5MONDEPlus for free, elsewhere it depends on rights but TV5MONDEPlus is free in almost all countries (except for China, US and the Netherlands).

So if you’re missing your Cannes fix in 2021, take a look at TV5MONDE range of films – drama, romance, comedy, thriller… it’s all there. Several films have appeared at Cannes or features Cannes award winning actors.

And each month TV5MONDEPlus add more programme content to the catalogue, more films, more shows, more series. There are theme months such as a focus on fashion or a popular French actor or even the Tour de France.

Sign up to the newsletter to receive regular details or head to the website to get your Cannes and French fix: TV5MONDE for the live TV channel and TV5MONDEPlus for the on-demand platform.

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