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Champagne and ducklings newsletter from France!

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Last week I was in baking hot Haute Marne in Champagne where the temperature crept over 100 degrees Fahrenheit until a storm broke at the weekend. Everyone sighed with relief that the vineyards had some water at last as it hadn’t rained for a month! I didn’t know the town of Langres and the surrounding area at all before,and it is a truly charming, calming place to go! I’ll be telling you about my trip in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, another eleven ducklings have arrived. One mum duck wasn’t remotely interested in her two little ones so I popped them in with a duck who had four older babies.  There was a tiny bit of pecking from the four bigger ducklings but the mum took the two new babies under her wing immediately, squeaked a reproach and everyone then gathered round to warm up the newbies.

Hank Marvin, He’s Always Starvin’ my newest stray cat, has finally learned to climb onto the gate post, so now I have two cats watching the world go by as he joins Enry Cooper on watch duty! As nothing much ever happens around here in the Seven Valleys, Pas de Calais, they snooze a lot, waking only when Pierre the farmer drives past in his tractor or the post lady arrives. Since she screeches to a halt outside every time she visits, it excites the entire neighbourhood of dogs, cats, sheeps, cows, chickens, ducks and geese.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever you are
Bises from France

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