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Well, can you believe it – I said last week that we’d had no snow in my part of France and the very next day it snowed… and for the next 3 days after that!  It was just a light snow and the ducks and geese quite liked it but the chickens hid and my three dogs and six cats wanted to come in the house and snuggle up by the fire. The three stray cats that I feed decided to move into the wood shed during the cold spell, One Ear (a ginger tom with a folded ear), Little Socks, a tiny black cat with white feet, and Millie have taken to coming to the house twice a day for food and are quite friendly now. I am turning into a full on proper “mad cat woman”.

This week I’ve had my head down and working on the next issue of TGLF Magazine – there are some terrific stories coming up – a giant teapot tea room in Gers, secret Brittany, paradise in Provence, magnificent Mont st Michel and a whole lot more. Subscribe for free so you don’t miss it !

I also celebrated National Drink Wine Day! It’s a US custom but I think it’s so good we simply have to do it in Europe too and all over the world – and it looks like many of you agree since so many people commented on my post on Facebook about it (see it here).

Where ever you are, whatever you have planned I wish you a very bon weekend!

Bisous from France

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Champs-Elysees to be traffic free: From May 2016, the world’s most famous avenue will be pedestrianised on the first Sunday of each month – which is also the day that many museums are free to enter – win-win!

History of Ballet in France – and how King Louis XIV got the nick name “Sun King” from ballet…

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Historic Town of Sedan: Bob Lyons visits an ancient town with a dramatic history…

Mother and Daughter Guide to Paris: Author Jennifer Coburn gives her top tips for Paris visits for Mums/Daughters, she’s well qualified, we review her book “We’ll Always Have Paris : A Mother/Daughter Memoir“.

Shakespeare & Co in Paris – the famous book store offers a free bed for the night to writers and an American “tumbleweed” remembers what it was like to stay there…

Chateau de Chantilly:  The gorgeous Chateau which has witnessed eight centuries of life within its walls…

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