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The Christmas Cottage by Patricia Dixon

The third novel by Patricia Dixon sees a festive return to the tiny French village of Pierre de Fontaine. Nestled amongst the sleepy hills and misty valleys of the Loire you will be transported to crisp, winter mornings and star filled, moonlit nights. Relax around a glowing log fire and enjoy a taste of Noël in France as you read the story of The Christmas Cottage. 

Connie loves Christmas and having her family there on the big day. However, this year things will be different. One by one, each of her three children announce they will be away for the holidays leaving Connie with a dilemma – put on a brave face and stay at home alone or grin and bear playing hostess to the remainder of her annoying, extended family or perhaps, she should just run for the hills.

Max is at a crossroads in his life. After coming to terms with the surprise ending of his marriage, too many one night stands and a near-miss case of fatal attraction he has decided to take stock and re-evaluate his life. A spur of the moment decision leads to a Christmas break in the Loire where he plans to forget the past, recharge his batteries and make a fresh start in the New Year.

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