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Dior Museum exhibits costumes of the Stars

The Christian Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy presents couture costumes and accessories by the great French designer.

Beloved by women the world over, Dior became the designer of choice to Hollywood celebrities, most notably Marlene Dietrich who was a fan and customer from his earliest days. She was also a personal friend to the designer and bought a house close to his to be near him. She refused to star in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Stage Fright unless Dior was hired as her costume designer saying “ No Dior, no Dietrich” and of course she had her way and Dior has ever since been one of the most desired couturiers of the beautiful, rich and famous.

The museum has a beautiful garden, tea room and shop.  It’s a must for any fashion fan.

The museum also hosts regular exhibitions. See the Dior Museum website for more details.

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