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Enjoy guilt-free learning whilst binge-watching AND learn more about France with TV5MONDEPlus. Go to www.tv5mondeplus.com or download the App. It’s a superb way to experience the French language in real-life situations through films, documentaries and TV shows. As well as language learning, you’ll discover more of France with programmes that explore the varied regions from vineyards to chateaux. And there are some seriously drool-worthy cookery shows…

TV5MONDEPlus is free on all devices

TV5MONDPlus is free on all devices: tablet, mobile phone, Amazon Fire, Smart TVs, PCs (except for a very few countries where their local regulations require it to be a paid service*). It offers 5,000 hours of programmes, films, drama, documentaries, lifestyle and more. You’ll get a real taste of real French life and language with hit shows from Francophonie countries: France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and Africa

Watching TV5MONDEPlus is an easy way to get some language practice in. You’ll quickly learn new vocabulary, hear different French regional accents, and uncover useful slang rather than learning just textbook French. All from the comfort of your sofa, or even on your way to work by train or bus.

Top tips for studying French

Here are some of our top tips to study French and watch TV5MONDEPlus at the same time…

Turn on the Subtitles

You can watch TV5MONDEPlus shows and films with the English subtitles turned on. That way, you’ll be able to follow the programme while listening to it in French. You can also watch it with French subtitles which helps improve your skills even more.

Increase your word knowledge

There’s a huge variety of programmes on TV5MONDEPlus. Whatever your interests – you’ll find something to keep you entertained. Culture and lifestyle, history and society, environment and Discovery channels are superb for helping to increase your knowledge of every day words, tenses, nouns and verbs. Sitcoms, drama and cookery shows are also really great for helping you expand your repertoire of every day French.

Try Gros Mots, a series of short programmes that explore the etymology of French slang. Award winning film Les Deux Amis follows the story of Clément who falls in love with Mona, a shopgirl at the Gare du Nord. However, this mysterious and elusive young woman isn’t interested in him. Ready to try anything to win her, Clément calls in his best friend, Abel, an experienced ladies’ man. And mini-series Les Simones follows the lives of three 30-something friends (watch the clip below… don’t you want to find out what happens next?)…

Pause, Rewind, Replay

Simply pause any programme any time. You can wind back and replay to listen more closely to new words and phrases or write them down in a notebook. It’s a great way to increase your learning. Or when you go back to the app, just pick up where you left off. Not enough time to watch a great film, don’t worry, pause and go back to it when you do have more time.

Guilt-free learning, fun and free.

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