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Ducks and Turkeys Newsletter from France



Hope you had a great week!

Here in my village in the middle-of-nowhere France I am apparently the talk of the town because of my ducks. Last week my neighbours came to dinner and mentioned that one of my Barbary ducks had flown into their garden. They were astonished they said, they have never seen such a fat duck. “What never ever?” I asked. “They are the fattest ducks in France” came the answer. They were quite disappointed I think that we didn’t have duck for dinner but my birds are pets and I explained that several of them were bought up by me in the house as they were abandoned by their mums. I think that may have really sealed my reputation here as a loony Brit, especially when I told them that Lucky The Little Ducky used to like watching TV with me at night!

Anyway, as far as I know everyone survived my cooking but they all want to swap ducks with me.

This weekend I’m off to one of the very best Christmas events in France – the Licques Turkey Festival. 100 turkeys run rampage (well actually they sort of waddle) along the old main street of the little town of Licques in northern France. It’s a quirky affair, the locals are lovely and welcoming and the turkeys get to escape being Christmas dinner. This is where I buy specialities for Christmas like Champagne direct from the producers (Reims is only a couple of hours away) and wine from Alsace, cheese, sweets and a whole lot more. If you can, pop mid-December in your diary for next year’s annual turkey town treat!

Whatever you’ve got planned for this weekend I wish you much fun!

Bisous from France

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