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Hope you had a good week – it’s certainly been an interesting week for Darcey Bussell and Tweety Pie, the two orphaned ducklings who have been living in my house – they took their first steps outside! Every day I’ve been taking them out to play in the grass. Every night I bring them back in. It’s a bit of a chore but worth it to make sure they are healthy and safe.

Meanwhile down in the pen, Rocky the Rescue duck and her six children are out of their nursery pen and in with the big ducks. It’s always a difficult transition as everyone pecks and picks on the little newbies but these ducklings are incredibly bold and are loving the freedom.

It wasn’t all good news this week, Hoppy Poppy went to the chicken pen in the sky. She hurt her leg several months ago and took to hopping everywhere. But she didn’t seem to be in pain and had a tremendous appetite so I let her be. She was living in a coop on the ground as hopping up the ladder to the main coop was too hard. However on Thursday morning I couldn’t find her anywhere until I opened the main coop to collect eggs. She had managed to hop all the way up and into a nest box to die and I couldn’t help shedding a few tears for this plucky old bird.

Next week I’m off to Annecy in the Haute Savoie area and I’ll be sharing photos as I go on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to join me (in spirit at least!)…

There are loads of fab features on the website this week, places to go, things to see and practical advice articles.

Wishing you a very bon weekend
Bisous from France

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