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Bonjour from France!

Hope you had a good week.

Chez moi, work continues on the renovation of the house. The weather has been kind so it’s all outdoor stuff. There are 15 pairs of shutters to paint, walls to build and gates to hang. I’m looking forward to that bit, I salvaged two old gates someone chucked out and when they’re rubbed down and painted, they’ll look great (photo to come I promise). The wood shed needs a new roof as the current one is missing umpteen tiles, the house needs painting, we’re making windowsills from a concrete mix (all the windows are different sizes of course), replacing broken guttering – the list is endless.

And that’s just the front, we haven’t started the back of the house yet. We were hoping to be finished this year, but I have a sneaking feeling that just isn’t going to happen.

Doing up an old house is fun (mostly) but also can be challenging. You finish one thing and then something else pops up that’s needs doing. I’ve been watching Escape to the Chateau and Escape to the Chateau DIY on TV and though my quirky little farmhouse is absolutely not in the same league as those gorgeous turreted castles – I do totally get what they’re going through.

These TV shows have inspired thousands of people to dream of being chateau owners so, if you’re one of them, take a look at the chateau properties I found on my property bargain hunt on the internet this week. Costing less than a one bedroom flat in London and ready to live in (though one does need interior decorating) – you might be surprised just what you can get in France for your money.

Meanwhile the animals are not impressed by the building work, they’re in lazy sunny day mode. Barbie the chicken sits and watches the cement mixer go round in wonder and the geese are very vocal about the noise (they’re nesting), whilst the dogs and cats prefer to be in the house where it’s quieter!

Wishing you a very bon and relaxing weekend,

ps photo is of my local market in Hesdin, 7 Valleys. On Facebook last week I asked “What’s your favourite market in France” Uzes was the name most mentioned… I shall have to go there!

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