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Fabulous vintage shop in Paris | L’Object qui Parle

vintage shop in paris

We bring you one of the best “real deal” vintage shops in Paris.

vintage shop in parisThere’s not much that can beat the thrill of walking into an authentic vintage shop in Paris and seeing fabulous items that have been pre-loved, show signs of a life lived well and will look utterly wonderful in your home.

One of our very favourites is L’Objet qui Parle in Paris which lives up to its name – The Object that talks – of the past, history, a life that’s been lived, vintage Paris and vintage France. The owner carefully selects desirable objects that tell a story. Chandeliers, old enamel tins, baroque mirrors, lanterns, coffee cups, tiles, 19th Century religious artefacts, hotel plates, glass domes of every size – every inch of space is filled with beauty in this tiny little shop in Montmartre.

vintage shop in parisLucy Naughton a flea market and vintage shop expert told us “On a balmy and hazy summer’s evening towards the end of July, we wandered around Montmartre looking to accidentally on purpose stumble upon a quaint little ‘auberge’ for a cheeky carafe. As we ascended ever closer to Sacré-Cœur, there before us stood L’Objet qui parle, the perfect Parisian vintage boutique.

You see so many shops in the UK these days masquerading as stores of yesteryear but it’s clear that they’re far from the genuine article – not true of L’objet qui parle, it’s every inch a vintage treat from cracks and weathered surfaces of the exterior walls right down to the myriad of little gems that lie await inside. A true source of inspiration.”

Be prepared to clash elbows in this filled to the brim little shop with fashionistas, interior designers and props dealers who flock here to buy something unique and untampered with. It is also loved by the local Parisians in an area that retains a village atmosphere and is home to artists, writers, designers, filmmakers and bobo (bourgeois bohemian) families.

Browse for a tour of the past, it’s not overly expensive – there are objects from just a few Euros upwards and haggling is not frowned upon!

86 rue des Martyrs 75018 Paris Quartiers: Open Monday to Saturday from 13h to 19h30, Metro Pigalle

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