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Flop Chef, Fishy Fun, Shakespeare, Christmas Contests!



This week we can’t help noticing that Christmas is definitely on its way. Here at Chez The Good Life France I’ve been busy putting lots of gorgeous photos together to share on our Facebook page Advent Calendar starting next week.

We’ll also be sharing lots of gifts. In the past I’ve told you about prize draws via our Facebook page but FB say we are not allowed to ask for you to LIKE to win (without paying that is) so we’re going to give you details via the website and this newsletter.  With 20 gifts to give away I’m going to be kept on my toes .

We’ve got some great books, gorgeous French bird boxes and all sorts of lovely prizes so watch this space as we set them free!

Where ever you are I wish you a very bon weekend,
Best wishes and bisous from France

Top Features this week:

Je suis Flop Chef: My attempts to make a tarte tatin backfire spectacularly resulting in my French friends dubbing me Flop Chef not Top Chef!

Brasserie Georges Lyon: Welcome to new writer Liza Perrat, an author and Francophile who lives in France. Liza visits a legendary restaurant where plaques on seats and tables indicate who sat where from Ernest Hemingway, Edith Piaf, Emile Zola, Anatole France and a whole host of star writers, entertainers and politicians… and it’s hardly changed in two centuries.

Shakespeare uncovered in France: An amazing discovery in my local municipal library – a first-folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays dated 1623 and one of the most rare and precious books in the world. Read how the librarian found it on the shelf and uncovered a legend…

Hats off to France: We talk to expat British milliner Tracy Chaplin who trained with the Queen Mum’s hat maker. She’s now making hats and running workshops at her dream home near Toulouse and is inspired by the beauty around her…

Vineyards of Nice: Nice means sea, sun, sand, great Mediterranean cuisine, vibrant colours and market – but we don’t normally think of wine when we consider this gorgeous southern French city. Chrissie McClatchie reveals that there is a very Nice Wine scene…

Lille Xmas market: A centre of culture, 4000 shops, a beautiful old city with cobble stoned streets and glorious architecture and a charming Christmas market – what more can you ask for at Christmas?!

Arras Xmas market: One of the biggest and best in the north of France in a lovely, historic city – oodles of festive atmosphere and great for the whole family…

Strasbourg Christmas market:  The capital of Christmas puts on a show like no other at this time of year. Eleven Christmas markets, the tallest decorated Christmas tree in Europe, a fabulous city that is quite simply magical…

Fishy French Christmas event that is unique: On 12th December, Nausicaa at Boulogne-sur-Mer, one of the biggest aquariums in Europe will hold a very special Christmas party alongside its 36,000 animals! This is a truly unusual and fun event with a tropical feel that you must book in advance…

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