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Forever Paris Book Review

snow in paris photo

A photographic feast of Paris of yesteryear.

Forever-ParisWhether you read it at home and simply revel in the gorgeous imagery or take it with you to Paris and follow in the footsteps of the past, this is one of those books that you’ll fall in love with and want to look at over and over.

I’ll be taking my copy with me to Paris to compare how it looks today with how it looks in the photos which are mainly from the early to mid 20th century. A time when Paris was the home of legends like Ernest Hemingway, when the great and the good partied here. From Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall pictured enjoying a drink at a terraced café to Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Mistinguett the famous music Hall singer, many of Paris’s most famous residents and visitors are pictured.

But it’s not all about the rich and famous, there are photos that depict everyday life in Paris, municipal swimming pools, waiters at work, children at play, fairs, cafés and parks.

These are some of the finest photos from the archives of the Keystone Press Agency in this book by Flammarion.

montmartre paris photoGlamour, jazz, street festivals, romance—all of the most beloved aspects of Paris shine in these lyrical black-and-white photographs. In the carefree years of the early twentieth century, Paris bubbled with energy and an exuberance to enjoy life to the fullest. This beautifully produced pocket edition of nostalgic black-and-white photographs celebrates the vibrant character of this “movable feast” of a city.

The photographs capture the glittering stars of the day ambling through the streets and nightclubs of Paris. Through these stunning pictures, join young Parisians sailing miniature sailboats in the Luxembourg Gardens or observe local passers-by at the light-hearted, musical spectacle of Parisian street life. From visions of sunbathers by the Eiffel Tower to the glamour of jazz bars and Josephine Baker, discover the timeless charm of the City of Lights in this carefully curated collection of photographs from the first half of the twentieth century that capture the effervescent spirit of life in Paris.

Photo Info: Top: Illumination of the Eiffel Tower, July 14, 1958; middle: Snow falling on Place de la Concorde, 1970 © Keystone-France; bottom:  The “Petit Poulbots” [Little Urchins] of Montmartre, c. 1950 © Keystone-France.

Forever Paris: Timeless Photographs of the City of Lights by Keystone Press Agency is published by Flammarion.

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