Everything You Want to Know About France and More...

France is still the ultimate Good Life destination

Those yearning to buy a second home or retire overseas are still keen on France in spite of Post Brexit jitters.

Property experts however, are agreed that potential purchasers of overseas property continue to have a keen interest in France. The property market remains robust and offers property at prices that are attractive to Britons.

The lifestyle and culture of France, plus good weather continue to be driving forces for France being the choice for second homes. A recent survey showed that 84% of the  French holiday in their home country on an average year. And there’s a reason for that!

There are also some great bargains to be had and despite fears about tax increases, property remains much cheaper on the whole than in neighbouring countries such as the UK.

Almost 25% of Britons surveyed by UK currency company HiFX said that they are considering investing in French property.

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