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Bonjour everyone,

This week is all about our brilliant new FREE magazine called (surprise!) The Good  Life France…

We’ve got some wonderful stories, great photographs, inspiring articles, entertaining guides, helpful information and lots more and I hope you like it.

We’ll be publishing magazines regularly.

The magazine will run alongside the website and they will compliment each other perfectly we believe, and it means we can bring you more great stories and information from and about France.

Please share the magazine with your friends and family – it is completely free and we really do appreciate it.

You can find magazines and subscribe here:

Wishing you a bon weekend,
Best wishes and bisous from France,

This week’s features:

How to impress your neighbours in France: or not as I discover my neighbour has been pulling my leg and I shock a reporter…

This week was Armistice Day in France: A national holiday but more than just a day off as we take time to remember the past…

The brand new Louis Vuitton Foundation opens in Paris: There’s been much excitement about this new art gallery – people either love it or hate it. Linda Matthieu goes along to see what all the fuss is about…

Doullens, the hidden pearl of Picardy: Bob Lyons visits again. He confesses the first time he went he wasn’t impressed but second time round he realises that all that glitters is not gold and Doullens has a special French charm of its own…

Rodin in France: This week is the anniversary of the great sculptor’s birth (12 November 1840) and next week is the anniversary of his death (17 November 1917), we take a look at where to find Rodin in France…

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