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French Brasserie Cookbook review


The minute you set eyes on this book, you know that if the recipes inside reflect the lush photo on the front cover then you are in for a treat. Let me tell, you won’t be disappointed!

The French Brasserie Cookbook – The Heart of French Home Cooking by Michelin star chef Daniel Galmiche is packed full of inspiring recipes that will transport you to a French brasserie – in your own home.

Daniel explains the history of the brasserie, which means brewery in French and emphasises that though a brasserie may be beautiful and of historic importance, it is always the food that is the real star.

The book covers several aspects of French brasserie style cooking from “the Basics” stocks, sauces and pastry to starters, fish and shellfish, meat, poultry and game, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and salads and desserts. Each recipe comes with a snippet of information, perhaps a memory from the chef’s childhood in Franche Comté, or a bit of history about the dish, an explanation of how the dish developed or perhaps a suggestion of how to serve it. It makes it just a little bit more special.

FrenchBrasserie-cookbookThere are 100 great dishes, the pictures are spectacular, and the recipes are easy to follow. Tantalising and tempting from a simple sauce to a sophisticated casserole. Wild garlic soup, pan fried mullet with thyme, Provencal vegetable gratin, delicious tarte tatin, if you want to cook and eat classical French dishes, this is the book that will help you to do that. Great dishes are all about local, seasonal ingredients, regional recipes that have been honed to perfection. There is no dry ice wafting around, no fancy dressing of the food, this is food that is unpretentious and tastes fantastic. It’s the sort of book where you want to make everything in it – and I have to tell you, I might just try!

I recommend you lay out a red and white check tablecloth, a small vase of flowers and a little wicker basket for the bread for the full on French atmosphere and then sit back and wait for the compliments on the food from whomever is lucky enough to have had you cook for them!

Daniel says that the food served in brasseries is “homely, heart-warming and delicious” and that exactly how his recipes are, wonderfully authentic, classic French food but with a modern twist and perfectly do-able at home.

Bon Appetit!

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