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French Expressions For A Debate!

In France, having a debate or an argument is considered healthy and intelligent.  The French believe that if you can’t have a good old row with your partner in public then you’ve got something to hide.  Certainly in this quiet and tranquil little village where I have a home you can from time to time, hear the sounds of “healthiness” coming from a house or two in our road – it normally sets our dogs off and although the language is mostly incomprehensible at such times I do understand a word or two.  If you want to have a healthy debate in French, here are a few expressions you might find useful:

T’occupe  – Mind you own business (literally: go and occupy yourself)

J’y crois pas – I can’t believe it!/I don’t believe it

Tu m’emmerdes – You’re annoying me/you’re getting on my nerves

Tais-toi – Shut up

Tu me prends la tête – You’re doing my head in

mettre sa langue dans ta poche – hold your tongue (literally: put your tongue in your pocket)

C’est pas vrai – It’s not true

Tu me gonfles – you go too far (literally: you inflate me)

Laisse béton – leave it out/give me a break (literally: leave concrete)

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