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I’m sending you this newsletter from lovely Lille in northern France. If you’ve never been there – pop it on your bucket list because Lille is a chill pill destination that’s just one hour from Paris and 1.5 hours from London by Eurostar! This is a city that takes food seriously, gastronomically gifted restaurants galore, quirky wine bars, rustic cafés – this town has it all.

It’s also seriously cultural! There are numerous museums, in fact its Musee Des Beaux Arts is said to be the second most important in France in terms of the richness of its collection. I’m going to Lille to take part in one of the most incredible artistic events in the world – Lille 3000.

Yes, it’s a strange name and it’s a strange event too – it’s not quite a festival, not quite a biennial, (although it is held every two years) not quite an exhibition. It is unique and extraordinary, an artistic celebration that takes to the streets, takes over the city and lasts for several months. The opening parade is on Saturday 26 September but that’s literally just the start. Each year there is a different theme, this year it is Renaissance, not in the historic sense, but in spirit, the re-birth of cities. You can read more about what’s planned here.

Meantime, I’ve just returned from Burgundy where the grapes had been harvested three weeks earlier than usual because the weather was so hot and sunny, though as soon as I got there it started to rain! In two week’s time I’m off on a jaunt around the south of France. It’s a whirl-wind tour to take photos in 6 different cities in 6 days and I’m keeping my fingers crossed (Je croiserai les doigts!) for sunshine then!

Where ever you are, I wish you a very bon weekend!
Best wishes and bisous from Lille, northern France

pps – if you think that soup in the photo looks delicious – it is, here’s the recipe from my 87 year old neighbour in France!

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