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French Pastry Made Simple, Molly Wilkinson

Book cover of French Pastry Made Simple by Molly WilkinsonMolly Wilkinson’s French Pastry Made Simple is the perfect book for anyone who wants to make the most delicious French cakes.

It’s like you’re in the kitchen with your best friend. She just happens to be a great pastry chef. And she’s telling you how to make cakes that taste as good as they look in the gorgeous photos – and get it right every time.

I’ve worked with lots of chefs, I’ve shared a lot of recipes. I have to tell you most chefs are not interested in the recipe writing part. They can rush through instructions and often assume that everyone has knowledge of cooking to a higher degree than they have (unless you are French of course!)… Molly’s book isn’t like this. She explains everything and gives detailed instructions that mean yes you can make a perfect profiterole. Yes you can make a magnificent mille-feuille to be proud of even if you can’t pronounce it properly. You can bake a cake that looks like something from a French patisserie and tastes even better than it looks.

Scrumptious French cake recipe book

If you’ve been to France and indulged in a classic tarte tatin, a sophisticate opera cake or irresistibly sweet merveilleux and want that taste sensation again without being in France, you can have it. You can make it yourself. And Molly really does know what she’s talking about. After years of working in patisseries in her native U.S. and in France, Molly now lives in Versailles. At her eighteenth-century home she teaches pastry and cooking workshops for small groups as well as online.

The book is lavishly photographed. The steps for creating extraordinary cakes are clear and easy to follow with US and European measurements. There are loads of helpful tips – from equipment that’s useful, to notes about the ingredients. And she really does tell you how to make sure that your cakes turn out perfect every time. Molly’s lovely, chatty narrative makes it a joy to follow instructions!

I promise you you’ll impress yourself let alone your friends and family. Whether you’re baking for a special occasion, for fun or for the sheer absolute joy of a deliciously made, beautiful cake to indulge in or share – you’ll love the recipes in French Pastry Made Simple

This book is cake heaven – utterly scrumptious.

Molly Wilkinson is a pastry chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, the Wall Street Journal and on NBC’s Today show. Her book, French Pastry Made Simple: Foolproof Recipes for Éclairs, Tarts, Macarons and More By Molly Wilkinson, published by Page Street Publishing Co. is available on Amazon, online bookshops and can be ordered in book stores everywhere! Find her at: www.instagram.com/mollyjwilk

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