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French rail travel news for British travellers 2014

Savvy travellers know that a great way to get around France is by train. The rail networks in France are in a league of their own – fast, efficient and rarely off schedule.

Travelling by train is easy (check out our tips from rail travel in France) and for British travellers who want to travel between mid-September and the end of the year – it’s also very economical.

Autumn and Winter French Rail Travel News for France and Europe

Voyages-sncf.com has announced a great new special offer on InterRail passes available until the end of September 2014.  The fares are valid for passes with travel dates starting between 15th September and 29th December 2014.

The InterRail Global Pass comes in two forms – flexi and consecutive.

Flexi: This pass starts with five days of travel within a 10 day period meaning you can stop off en route and stay over for a night or two before continuing your journey.

Consecutive: This pass offers 15 consecutive days of travel

There are also passes available for longer periods, including one for a full month.

These rail passes cover France and a further 28 countries in Europe.

Fares vary between First and Standard Class and prices change per age group – adults being 26-59, Seniors 60+, youths 12-25 years and children 11 years and younger.

Every-day standard class prices for an adult on a flexi pass start at £224 per person and the off-peak promotional rate is £190 (saving you £34 – but you do need to check the times for when you can travel).

Normal prices on the consecutive ticket for an adult start at £352 per person but with the promotional fare it is only £299 per person offering a considerable saving of £53.

Off-peak travelling can turn train journeys into a luxury with less bustle and haste, usually allowing you to take the train you want with your preferred seating too.

Ten tips for travelling with kids by rail

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