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French whisky from Brittany

 French whisky

Whisky galore: à la Française – by Roger st Pierre.

Brittany is immensely proud and protective of its Celtic heritage and has a language that is very close to Welsh. It still comes as a surprise, though to discover that, along with the better-known ciders and apple brandies of tradition, it now produces a very passable malt whisky.

Given that the French drink more Scotch than do we Brits – while we drink more Cognac than they do! – the existence of a Breton whisky distillery makes sense. And, in fact, there are two of them, along with a further six in other regions of France, from Alsace to Corsica.

Claiming to be a premium product, Armorik is a single malt, based on locally grown and malted barley, and is produced in Lannion by Distillerie Warenghem – a name that sounds more Flemish than Breton, an oddity explained by the origins of its founder.

The company also produces blended whisky, using both barley and wheat, and a pleasant range of light and dark beers, as well as apple brandy, pommeau and a delightfully smooth honey-based aperitif.

Brittany is well suited to whisky production. The water is pure and there’s a wet climate that is not dissimilar to that of Scotland and Ireland – plus the Bretons have all that Celtic tradition.

Today, French whisky accounts for more than half the turnover at Distillerie Warenghem, with a production of more than half a million bottles a year.

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By Roger St Pierre, Member of British Guild of Travel Writers

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