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Friday the 13th Newsletter from France



Yesterday was Friday 13th and in France, like many other countries, that date is viewed with superstition.

Walking the dogs in the morning, I passed Pierre the farmer in his tractor, as usual he waved and swayed, rotating the steering wheel towards me as his head turned.  As usual the tractor veered dangerously close to my feet before he laughed ruefully and went on his way, this time mumbling “ah Vendredi treize” (Friday the 13th).

Later on I popped into the boulangerie, and, as I queued for my fresh baguette, Angelique, the ancient baker’s ancient wife dropped my change on the floor as she handed it over. She does that on a regular basis but this time sighed “bah Vendredi treize” as if it has never happened before. Nothing much happened after that and I did wonder if I would be able to make it a hat trick of people blaming Friday 13th for things that happen every day (they say things happen in three’s too here). I was about to give up when Jean-Claude came knocking at the door. He wanted a hand to push his old car down the hill as it wouldn’t start. It has needed a new battery for at least the last six years and he regularly asks for a hand to give it a bump start as it hurtles down our little lane sending chickens rushing to the hedges that line the road seeking safety, but, you guessed it, “Vendredi treize” he said with a Gallic shrug of the shoulders.

Luckily we have some fabulous stories for you this week and I wish you a very bon weekend and happy reading…

With best wishes, bon weekend and bisous from France,

This Week’s Top Features:

The inspiring and amazing renovation of an abandoned Chateau in France: empty for decades, unloved and ruined, the Chateau le Mung is coming back to life thanks to a family of expats who fell in love with it when they saw photos on the internet. Chateau le Mung photo gallery so you can see how amazing it is – and how much work there is to do!

Spotlight on Cassis and a gorgeous photo gallery designed to whisk you there for a look-see at the streets and sights of captivating Cassis

The Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day in France, a 4 minute video lesson from Geraldine, our French life and language expert and there are some surprises there!

Things to do in Paris if you’re on your own: It may be the city of love and romance but Paris will seduce solo travellers, 4 top tips for things to do when you’re alone in Paris…

Win a copy of The Return of the French Blue by Pamela Boles Eglinski – a diamond heist, the French  Riviera, a romantic thriller – what more do you need?! Simply comment on the competition post on our Facebook page (13 February) if you’d like to enter the draw so we can contact you if you win… Draw and notification on Thursday 20 Februry 2015.

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