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Fruity Calvados punch

Two glasses of orange flavoured Calvados punch

My neighbour Madame Bernadette loves a party. Every year she invites her friends to a feast at her home. One of her favourite ice breaker drinks is a fruity calvados punch – guaranteed to blow your socks off.

Take it from me, a couple of hours – you and your guests will be sock-less, and smiling.

Calvados apple punch for a party

Just mix together

1 litre of white rum
1 litre of apple juice
40 cl of Calvados
1 litre of orange juice
Ice cubes

And serve with a smile

Fruity and sparkling

If you like your Calvados cocktail to be effervescent and fruity, these mixes are fabulous:

6cl Champagne
4cl Calvados
6 cl cranberry juice

1 part Calvados
1 part strawberry liqueur
5 parts Champagne

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