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What Does the Future Hold for Paris?

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Paris is one of the great historical cities of the world, from its architecture to the art in its museums which attract so many visitors each year and keep it among the top destinations. However, there are those who criticise Paris as standing still, while other cities such as London and Berlin are constantly innovating with new projects, which is certainly a worry for the Paris real estate industry.

This is a reputation that Paris refutes and wants to change, through a series of new projects coming up in the next couple of years that are sure to attract yet more tourists to the city of lights.

The first idea is certainly one for discerning shoppers, with the planned opening of the Louis Vuitton foundation for creation in October of this year. The building in the 16th arrondissement has been designed by the internationally renowned architect, Frank Gehry, who created the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Even more good news for shopaholics is that Les Halles shopping centre will see the fruits of its 1 million euro renovation, which includes a draping roofed shopping area effortlessly mixed with an open outdoor park area so that everybody can enjoy the area.

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Even the Eiffel Tower, perhaps the most recognisable of Paris’ monuments, is undergoing a minor facelift this year. Its first floor is having a glass bottom floor added to it, in a bid to encourage visitors to take more than a brief look at this level before heading further up the tower. This should be open towards the end of the year, allowing the Tower a new lease of life and of course providing another reason to return to the grand monument to experience what has been described as a ‘sensory experience’.

Finishing off with two perhaps fanciful ideas put forward by opposing candidates for the Paris mayoral elections which take place in April 2014. The first is by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, who has proposed the idea of converting Paris’ ‘ghost’ metro stations into cultural centres or areas where people can meet, for example; a theatre, a swimming pool or a nightclub. Her popular rival, Anne Hidalgo, has come up with her own idea to change the face of the city, by proposing a cable car across the River Seine, to link important train stations Paris Gare de Lyon, which has arrivals and departures to the South of France, and Gare d’Austerlitz on the other side of the river. Neither of these two ideas is set in stone for the moment, but they could provide yet more reasons to visit this fascinating city.

It is clear that through these projects, Paris is trying to shed its reputation of standing still and is trying to create a modern landscape which goes hand in hand with its obvious historical attractions. If you are looking to visit Paris this year and would like to stay in comfort in a luxury apartment rental, English speaking agency Handsome Properties International can help you find the perfect base to discover the best that the beautiful French capital has to offer. You can reach their website by clicking on this link.

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