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Gifts every Francophile will love

Wrapped gift boxes French style

Looking for something to buy for your favourite Francophile for Christmas, birthdays or just because you love them? We’ve picked some of our favourite things…

Dreamy French prints and scarfs

Artist Julie has a penchant for Paris. Her watercolours and prints capture the whimsical allure of French style of the 18th and 19th centuries and feature iconic icons such as the Eiffel Tower, macarons, ballerinas, Marie-Antoinette and her own creation, a fictional character named Manon and cat called Gigi.

Some of our favourites include: Art print “Emma’s tea party” – inspired by the movie of the same name directed by Autumn de Wilde. Art print “I want candy” – Inspired by the iconic Sofia Coppola’s movie “Marie Antoinette.” Art print “Afternoon nap – an episode from the carefree life of Manon and Gigi.”

And we love her gorgeous scarves: Silk foulard “Parisian Treats, Macarons and Rose Petals”, Limited edition design. Silk foulard “Parisian Treats, Saint Honore and Champagne”, Limited edition design.

Find these and all of Manon Boudoir’s products in the online boutique: manonboudoir.com

France Media’s FRANCE Calendar is perfect for Francophiles

Enjoy France every day with the FRANCE Calendar 2023 available to order now!

The FRANCE 2023 Calendar is a fantastic year-long reminder of the France you love. This popular year-planner shows the best of France through 14 stunning glossy photographs, brought to you by the FRANCE Calendar team.

The FRANCE 2023 Calendar is the perfect gift for family and friends, or even yourself! Order your copy for year-round France inspiration: https://francemedia.shop/products/france-calendar-2023

Love Photos of France?

Wazim Tagaully’s gorgeous photographic prints of Paris and France make for stunning artworks… Find out more: wazim-photos.com

For the wine lover who has everything

A state of the art futuristic, portable single bottle wine cooler. This premium, sleek and compact piece of equipment cools your wine or Champagne to an optimal temperature. You can charge it up, pop it in the car for picnics, take it out the garden, put it on the dinner table. Details vivantwine.com

Perfect gift for those learning French

If you know someone who’s learning French – a subscription to Newsdle is a brilliant gift. It’s a very different way to learn French, and as I’m a subscriber, I can tell you it really works. Each day you log in to your Newsdle account to read a selection of French articles based on your personal interests. Mine for instance are history and culture and general news. Choose your skill level from beginner to advanced and then work through as many of the articles as you like and test yourself with word and listening quizes. It really is a superb way to find out more about France as you improve your French language learning.

Take a free trial and see for yourself, and if you love it as much as I do, join up and get 25% off your subscription (which costs less than two cups of coffee a month) with this code: goodlife25


Free French films and TV shows

TV5MONDEPlus is a sort of French Netflix but 100% free!* It’s an ideal way to study and have fun at the same time. You can watch online or download the App, it’s available on all your devices, including Amazon Fire and Smart TV’s and you’ll get access to exclusive content. And did I mention it’s completely free (* except for a very few countries where their local regulations require it to be a paid service including the US – you can find the link here: TV5MONDEPlus in the USA.


Perfect for book worms

For that special book lover in your life, here are a few recommendations:

Janine Marsh has written three internationally best-selling books on life in France The Good Life France, My Four Seasons in France, and Toujours la France, feel good and escapist true life stories…

All available from Amazon and good book shops everywhere (if they don’t have the books in stock ask them to order in for you and support your local book store).

There are loads of book reviews on the site from romance to guide books, cookery books, thrillers and memoirs, click on the book review category for more details)

Gorgeous French bed linen

Blue and white French bed linen

France has long been famous for its style. The French “look” has developed over hundreds of years reflecting the savoir-faire, know-how and attention to detail that is a particularly French thing. From the refined grandeur of Chateau style to Provencal, Parisian and rustic styles, the French look really does suit all tastes. And there are constant themes, including the use of blue and white as key colours and great quality fabrics – especially bed linen. And nowhere does bed linen better than Paris La Chambre…


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