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The Good Life France Newsletter November 2013 (1)

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Bon Weekend! Happy 1st November to you all and a big welcome to all our new subscribers.

Secret France: The Crystal Palace of Nice – the amazing story of a glass domed casino on the end of a pier where visitors could enjoy opera, theatre, dinner in a very smart restaurant as well as enjoy the gaming area. Alas it was destroyed decades ago and hardly a trace remains but we managed to find some truly wonderful photographs of this magnificent building in Nice.

As the weather gets cooler in France we have Rachel Khoo (author of My Little Paris Kitchen) to thank for this fabulous recipe:

Roast chicken in Red Wine – simple, authentic and deliciously French chicken dish

She also shared with us her fabulous Pumpkin Soup with Chantilly and Onion Confit and she gave us her top tips for looking good when you’re travelling

We looked at some great French history stories: Jeans and denim from France. Jeans are the ubiquitous uniform of the world these days, but did you know that the fabric used from the original design by Levi Strauss was from France in the mid 1800s?!

Michelin Stars – we all know that chefs with stars means top chefs – but did you know that the ranking system was invented by a French Tyre company in the early 20th Century to encourage people to travel by car… and buy more tyres?!

Our fabulous team of writers have come up with some great features:

Paris Montmartre Wine Festival – it doesn’t get much better than a fabulous fete that celebrates wine made in Montmartre. We took a look too at the Paris Vineyards, once home to 42,000 acres of vines, Paris still has 10 working vineyards!

La Vendée and its 3 Big Wonders – investigating this beautiful, unspoiled off the beaten track area of France with its gorgeous beaches, waterways and picturesque villages…

An Expat Speaks Out – on the difficulties of learning French! The frustration and fear of being condemned to baby talk for the rest of her life spurred this expat Brit on to do better!

The Midday Cannon of Nice – if you go to Nice you’ll hear a loud bang at 12.00 every day – but did you know there is a very strange story behind it that goes back to Victorian days and an eccentric British Lord?!

When in Rhone…  organic wine-making at a chateau in the Rhone Valley – absolutely superb.

Practical Guides to France Living: We have tons of information from driving to taking the train, utilities, wedding expertise to divorce rules in France – our picks this week are a list of useful English Speaking helpline phone numbers in France, and a fun look at French Estate Agents Terms like Small Garden = Window Box! If you’re thinking of converting Euros/Sterling then take a look at this months currency forecast from Pure FX.

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