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The Good Life France Newsletter November 2013 (3)

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good life franceWe’ve been gearing up for Christmas in France and last week we released our free Christmas in France 2013 book – hope you liked it and thank you to everyone for the lovely comments and all the sharing – it’s very much appreciated and of course in the spirit of Christmas – giving and sharing! Click here to download our Free Christmas in France 2013 guide, 43 pages of lovely photos, details of the best Christmas lights and markets in Paris and France, lots of festive French fun facts and loads more!

We’re adding more features and updating the website daily with Christmas features as we get information from tourist offices around France so if you’re looking for specific details – check our Christmas markets in France pages.

Continuing on the Christmas giving theme – we’re giving away a copy of Annie Sloane’s fabulous book “Creating the French Look”. We interviewed Annie and she gave us some of her books – we’ll be giving them away plus lots of other goodies every week until Christmas.

How to win a copy of Creating the French Look: all you have to do is post to our FB page saying “Yes please to Creating the French Look” – details here – wishing you bonne chance, it is a lovely book…

This week we’ve looked at 5 unconventional ways to improve your French language skills – some very easy and quick changes you can make to your daily life that really will help you.

We also looked at some of the most common French phrases to use at Christmas with Géraldine Lepère, the lovely lady behind the French language company Comme Une Francaise. We’re fans of her honest and fun advice and lessons to help expats in France with learning French and French ways!

We talked to Paris photographer Krystal Kenney about what inspired her to give up a successful photography company in the US to start all over again in Paris, the city of Love (now… there’s a clue in this lovely true story!)…

Looking for a special souvenir of Paris? Well you won’t get something much more unusual that a section of the original 1889 spiral staircase of the Eiffel Tower – it’s up for grabs at auction next week (now where did I put that spare €20,000?!)

We’d like to thank the lovely master chef Michel Roux Jr – not only did he send us a recipe for our Christmas guide (above) but he also sent us a recipe for his authentic Croque Monsieur.  Recently voted the snack you’d most like to have in Paris and we’re not surprised – this isn’t any old cheese and ham toastie!

We also reviewed Michel Roux Jr’s new book The French Kitchen – his first in three years and its well worth waiting for. It’s a feast of French cuisine.

We asked some of our regular writers on The Good Life France website if they found anything unusual about living in France, something different from their home countries that they thought a little odd – erm… yes they did! Written with humour and much love as we all adore France – here is their “Weird France”… from tight knickers on men in the swimming pool to “driving on the wrong side of the road”!

We publish new stories, features, interviews, info guides and entertaining articles every day of the week, you can keep up with us daily on Facebook and Twitter (links below to join us there)…

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