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Grand Flea Market of Amiens

Montreuil-sur-Mer Antiques Market

Each year the town of Amiens in the region of Picardy holds two grand flea markets known as Réderies.

Held on the last Sunday of April and the first Sunday of October and starting for those who are keen at 05.00.

With some 2,000 exhibitors selling everything from antiques to spare car parts this is an event that attracts 80,000 visitors to the town.  The market extends over 15,000 m² and is the largest event of its kind in northern France after the grand Braderie of Lille.

Professional buyers and antique dealers, afficianados of the French second hand markets and those looking for a  bargain flock to the streets where the market is held from all over France, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Its also popular with visitors from further afield – Canadians and Australians in particular seem to like this event with its festive atmosphere and relative closeness to Paris (133KM by road).

For more details see Amiens Tourist office website: amiens-tourisme.com

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