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Great British and Irish Sausages – in France!

Sausages simmering on a barbecue

When summer arrives in France, there’s nothing better than a barbecue with great British and Irish sausages!

There’s nothing quite so tempting as the sizzle of a sausage on a summer’s day. Unleash your barbecue and serve up a feast!

The great British Barbecue – in France

When it comes to sausages, France makes a fabulous range there’s no doubt about it – Basque, herbs and andouillettes for instance. But sometimes you want a traditional British or Irish sausage, bursting with flavour. Bacon by the Box are based in Ireland and ship the best of British and Irish meat, dairy and dry goods to France and Europe.

The sizzle, the scent and the smoky sausage smell are so moreish. Pop your sausage in a bun – delicious in a brioche bun – or a hunk of baguette. Serve with a green salad with French dressing or barbecued vegetables. Or maybe with a crispy jacket potato and a big dollop of mayonnaise or your favourite dip. It’s an easy barbecue fix, delicious and oh so shareable.

Expats favourite

Bacon by the Box started up in 2010 and have grown steadily by word of mouth and because they make their customers really, really happy. High quality goods, all your favourites, seasonal specials, excellent customer service and a superb, refrigerated delivery system – it does what it says on the box!

I’ve been a customer for several years and it’s a bit like Christmas when our box arrives. Cheddar cheese, Cornish pasties – the proper ones! – and even real clotted cream (my French neighbours love it when I get a delivery so they can share in!). There are some things that just make you happy including a little taste of tradition!

If you’re missing a great British sausage sizzle or any other British and Irish products – pop on to the website for Bacon by the Box

Top 3 Barbecue hacks

Baked Camembert in a wooden box

We asked Bacon by the Box for their top 3 tips to make your summer barbecue a real treat…

Onion delight

Chop an onion in half, leave the skin on and pop it on the barbecue, cut side down. Leave to cook for around 30 minutes then pull the skin off, and mix the onion with your favourite barbecue sauce, pop in a bun with a burger or sausage – delicious!

Roast garlic

Jazz up your barbecue with roasted garlic – the ultimate French flavour! Take a whole head of garlic, peel of the outer paper layers but leave the skins on, slice a layer from across the top of the bulb so that the tops of the cloves are exposed. Pop on a piece of silver foil, drizzle a little olive oil over and a pinch of salt. Wrap in the foil and cook on the barbecue for 30-40 minutes. When the cloves are soft and golden they’re ready. Squeeze out the inner deliciousness and spread over bread, pizza, mix into mash,  jacket potato, salad, vegetables, sauces and dips. Plus the smell of it cooking is just mouth-watering!

Barbecue Camembert

Barbecued Camembert. Irresistible. This most French of cheese is utterly scrumptious cooked on a barbecue. Leave the cheese it its wooden box but remove all other packaging. Slot the bottom of the box into the lid to give it a bit of support. Or remove it from the box and pop it on to silver foil. Place a sprig of rosemary over the top and a drizzle of olive oil. Put the foil wrapped cheese on the barbecue for about 20 minutes. If you roasted some garlic, spread that over chunks of French bread and dip in.

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