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Great British Food online – delivered to France

Display of great British and Irish food you can buy online for delivery to France

Yearning for a bacon sarnie with brown sauce, good old fashioned plump bangers at a barbecue, tangy cheddar and crispy crackers, a great cup of tea? It’s not always easy to get your hands on great British food products from shops in France. But online – it’s easy.

Meat, dairy and dried goods

Taste plate of sausages

Bacon by the Box stock a great range of meat and dairy products. And they deliver all over France using Chronopost’s refrigerated service, so you know that when it arrives, everything is going to be fresh and ready to put into the fridge or freezer (everything is fresh from Ireland…).

Not only that, they also have a superb range of dry goods from teabags to Bisto gravy, Paxo stuffing, your favourite biscuits, mushy peas and heaps more.

And it’s not just the British in France who are loving what they do. Plenty of French people are discovering a taste for quintessential British goods. From tea and custard creams to Marmite and marmalade! Not to mention baked beans and Tunnocks Tea Cakes, and a whole raft of delicious things.

And then there’s the dairy. If you’re a lover of double cream or clotted cream, you’ll know that it can be really difficult (impossible in most areas) to get your hands on some. But Bacon by the Box delivers them fresh (cream can be frozen). Extra mature cheese – check. Cheddars of all sorts – check (and perfect with French baguette!). Chutneys, pies and even haggis, as well as of course, great sausages, bacon, and a great range of meat products.

No added costs

There are no customs charges. This is important because as many expats in France have found since Brexit, customs charges are being applied to many goods and products delivered from the UK. Bacon by the Box are based in the lovely area of County Waterford, Southern Ireland – so customs charges don’t apply. Even better, when you order goods for the minimum ordering amount of  €150,  you don’t even pay postage. And you can earn points on what you buy to use to discount the cost on your next order. And theres no minimum spend required.

The best British food shop online for deliveries to France (and Europe)

Great British cheddar

In the last few years, Bacon by the Box, previously based in Normandy, has expanded the range of goods substantially. They only supply products from companies they’re happy to endorse. They take the time to ensure that what they offer is the best, and take their reputation for providing superb British and Irish goods very seriously.

If you’re craving a taste of British and Irish food – John, Shane and the team would be delighted to help you satisfy your cravings!

Browse their range of great British and Irish food online and place your orders at: baconbythebox.com

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