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Happy Easter Newsletter From France

Happy Easter


Well it’s Easter weekend and in France, everyone is preparing to watch bells fly, eat chocolate, enjoy an extra day off work and put their clocks forward by an hour…

Tradition in France has it that on the Thursday before Easter, all the church bells go silent, sprout wings and fly off to Rome to visit the Pope. After this they load up with chocolate, fly back to France dropping their sweet load off for children all over the country in time to be back in Church to ring the bells on Easter Sunday!

The French are a nation of chocolate lovers and have been ever since it was introduced to the 13 year old King Louis XIII by his bride to be, Anne of Austria. Where ever you are in France, the chances are you’ll not be far from a chocolate shop!

Don’t forget – Sunday 27 is the day the clocks go forward in France and Monday 28 is a national holiday in France and lots of shops will be closed…

Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Easter
Bisous from France

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